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While boosting your own goods, resources in the Internet, owners resort to various promotion tools. One of these is SMS-sending.

Using it as a means of attracting customers, one can increase his income from showing ads. In fact, earnings on subscriber SMS sending are available not only for business owners, but also for ordinary users.

In this article we will share with the readers the secrets of such a scheme, we will reveal all the pros and cons of income.

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Earnings on SMS newsletters

What is making money by sending SMS?

To learn how to use this tool for the sake of profit, you do not need to take special courses, learn programming or other techniques. To imagine how SMS yield gains, let’s recall a common example.

All of us have repeatedly received by the phone sudden message advertising services and goods. Often it was asked in them to follow a link to a specific website of the online store and get acquainted with the products. Newsletter via messages on smartphones is becoming an effective way to attract real buyers, providing income to the site.

In the Internet there are many resources that offer gaining money by sending SMS. In exchange for dollars, they give the thousands of active telephones numbers for specific regions that receive messages. You just have to pay for the service and write a short mobile message for the operator’s users by inserting a link to the desired page.

The message should be short, otherwise the operator will divide it into several, and this reduces the number of addressees. You can order from 100 to several hundred thousand sending.

SMS earnings without investments

Let’s figure out how to get SMS earnings.

With the owners of sites and stores, in principle, everything is clear – they attract consumers to their resources. But how to receive income by means of SMS to those who do not have them?

Everything is simple.

To do this, just register on the site of affiliate offers. Read our article on how to make money on an affiliate program, not being a website creator.

Select an advertiser and start promoting his product for money. Of course, the difference between promotion revenue and messaging costs should be considered. You can always reduce costs by using your own base of phones. But an ordinary subscriber has at most 300-400 acquaintances. On special resources they can offer sending messages to 10 thousand or more numbers.

For benefits, it’s worth choosing affiliate programs that pay for various types of activities. For example, for a simple following, purchase or registration. If these are games, then payment for completing levels is possible.

On average, the cost of one message can be from 0.2 to 2 dollars. The price decreases when ordering more sending.

Advantages of earnings by means of SMS

Now you know what earnings by means of SMS are.

Let’s highlight the benefits of sending SMS for beginners:

  • No special knowledge is required, the whole scheme is accessible and understandable to a simple layman;
  • Even a schoolboy can receive income out of SMS, as many affiliate resources do not require real data from webmasters, but only an electronic wallet number;
  • You can quickly get paid, reports on messaging come in a few minutes;
  • Using messaging they promote any project, website, product;
  • SMS earnings do not require investments, without your own base of numbers, 100-200 dollars are enough.

If you were looking for a method how to get passive income, it is in front of you. There are unpleasant nuances that are important for beginners to know about.

Not all mailing services operate on fair conditions; a lot of phony offers with promises of easy and quick income have appeared on the network.

Some con gams have come to the point that they promise their consumers a profit for one mailing up to hundreds of dollars. To achieve this result, you really need cosmic activity of subscribers!

On average, according to statistics on affiliate programs, click links from SMS messages barely reach 2% of the ordered traffic. And this is considered a good result. Despite the low percentage, SMS earnings in the Russian Internet can reach thousands of dollars.

In addition to sending services, some scammers also propose commercial offers from unknown partners offering to promote their commodities for a good fee right away, by ordering a message sending with their advertising. After that, they promise automatic receipt of funds in the amount of up to 5 thousand dollars.

Messieurs! If it were possible! On honest affiliate programs, the webmaster has to wait several days, or even a week, for the advertiser to be convinced of the efficiency of the click-through, and the service will confirm the cleanliness of the operations. Just think, why the partner himself does not order messaging, since he will save a lot of money by not paying users earnings on SMS?!

One more fact should be accepted: not all ordered messages reach potential readers.

SMS billing earnings

There are several reasons:

  1. Lost number;
  2. Sending to spam;
  3. Application for reception is not installed;
  4. Number does not exist at all.

The percentage of delivery in honest services reaches 75-85%. That is, out of 1000 ordered SMS, only 750-850 are got by the addressee. If such a service wants to retain customers, it is simply obliged to update the database.

There is also an unfair way to make money on mobile subscribers. You offer to follow the link to the site-payer or call the number with automatic withdrawal of funds from their phones.

Currently, services that implement this practice are blocked by many operators. But there are those who look at such scams “through the fingers”.

What is necessary for work?

Decide on the product that you are going to promote through SMS-sending.

You can find an option in online stores offering affiliate programs, or on special platforms. Not necessarily a real product, but, for example, a webinar, courses, books, services of private brokers, etc.

Register on the SMS billing service for earnings.

We recommend that you familiarize yourself with activities on thematic forums, customer feedback or another site where you can see the opinions of other users. This is the advantage of working in the Internet – people learn about everything instantly, without leaving home.

Prepare payment for sending messages.

For the first experiment, an amount of 30-50 dollars is suitable. We do not recommend investing in the promotion of a single product. Diversify capital for several projects.

There is a snag. As a rule, services reduce the cost of billing when ordering in bulk. It’s not worth the risk, perhaps the selected offer will be unclaimed. Therefore, choose inexpensive service packages.

Order a service by inventing a short text and insert an affiliate link for click-through.

Take your time, think over each word, the amount of income depends on the filing. Based on the results, the service will provide a report on the receipt of messages by subscribers. Learn about the number and quality of clicks-through, charges should be on a partner resource.


Summing up the article, we boldly declare that making money on SMS sending is one of the most effective. If you want to promote your site, product, be sure to include it in the list of promotion tools. Beginners are advised to use it as a source of profit by participating in affiliate programs.

We wish you success and prosperity!

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