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Having gone on the long-awaited maternity leave, many women who have worked before are experiencing mental anxiety and panic because of the loss of financial independence. The problem is not that they are limited in spending.

The main reason is the inability to earn independently in the next couple of years. Instead of quiet rest in anticipation of a miracle, such future moms frantically search for a side job for the duration of the decree, and this task is complicated.

Temporary work with a free schedule is usually not suitable:

  • The employer sets a clear deadline, and the state of health during this period is entirely unpredictable. As a result, the task, which is a standard mode they can do in 3-5 days, stretches for a couple of weeks
  • Part-time work on maternity leave is mainly related to computer or needlework. Both are not the best options for a pregnant woman.

    What do doctors recommend? To walk more in the open air, and not to sit all day long indoors.

  • Negative experiences contraindicated for pregnant women and mothers of babies. However, is it always possible to avoid them if you work with clients? Someone will express criticism - and it will upset you, even if it is fair. Tight deadlines can also cause increased anxiety.

It's even more difficult to moms with babies its even more difficult than pregnant. There seems to be much time, but it is fragmented, and you do not manage it at all. Here the baby fell fast asleep, and after 10 minutes it was already crying in her arms.

Alternatively, vice versa - instead of the planned one and a half hours I lost three. Plus, chronic lack of sleep, fatigue, feelings - there is no power left to work.

We have classes for part-time work on maternity leave that will not burden even mummies with many children.
earning money on maternity leave

Try, while on maternity leave, earn real money with

Our platform offers uncomplicated, but stable earnings on the Internet. Just don't be scared - throwing spam friends or commit illegal acts is not necessary.

So what is needed?

Perform simple tasks on your smartphone or tablet:

  • The first type of functions - download and install applications. The focus is different: games, test questionnaires, training programs, sports, and nutrition.
  • The passage of simple surveys and viewing ads will be the second type of tasks. You will receive the correct answers in advance, so feel free to take tests in unfamiliar areas - learn a lot of new and exciting.
  • The third type of tasks is the execution of actions within programs. They make more time compared to the first two groups, but they are also priced appreciably more expensive.

    Examples - to pump the hero of the game, raise your account to a certain level, play the game for a specified amount of time. Such tasks are a distinctive feature of our service. Other resources offer only the first two types.

Jobs are available in the catalog for devices running on both Android and IOS.

As you can see - nothing complicated. These operations you can perform by each owner of a smartphone or tablet. However, we also pay money for them ☺.

Why is such an income best suited for maternity leave?

There are several reasons:

  • It takes from 2 to 10 minutes to complete one task for an approach, even if it is an option with private actions. In this case, the number of visits to the application will be substantial. Such a short period is not difficult to find - would be a stable Internet at hand.
  • You don't need specialized knowledge and skills. Any person who knows how to handle a smartphone will successfully cope with an offer.
  • You choose what to do and when. No deadlines - no nerves. Completed the task - after 2 hours the money came to the account.

    The necessary amount already accumulated - they have withdrawn it to a convenient electronic wallet. You can do nothing for a few days and then work hard.

  • Regarding the withdrawal of funds, this is another significant advantage of our service. Usually, you should be attached to a single wallet, and we work with all systems - Payeer, PayPal, Payoneer, Kiwi, Yandex, WebMoney, Steam, and also transfer money to your mobile phone account.

    The minimum amount that is available for withdrawal is 0.15 $.

  • All tasks are for mobile devices, and they are always with you. You don't have to be still near your computer. You walk in the park with a stroller - do the task while the baby is sleeping.

    I want to lie down to relax - instead of social networks, go to the site The quality of the mobile Internet and the dominance near the cafes and in the parks of free Wi-Fi help mommies earn more on maternity leave.

You are probably worried not only about how to make money sitting at home with a child, but also the amount of monthly income. Some portal customers receive $ 350 monthly.
How to make money on maternity leave

Such amounts are the result of the implementation of an affiliate program of cooperation. In your account, you can get a unique link and send it to a friend. If the addressee follows this link, registers in the system and also starts working - you will receive bonuses in the amount of 20% of his earnings: more friends - more rewards - more money.

What is the catch of such Internet earnings on maternity leave?

There is no catch. The proposed tasks solve two crucial problems for application developers:

  1. Testing of various devices. Thousands of new tools are released annually. It is impossible to check in advance the operation of the program on each of them — similar tasks and act like such a test
  2. Upgrading application ratings in the Play Market and the App Store. For any request, be it training, games, browser, player or something else, the service will issue dozens of similar offers. How do users choose what to install? Watch rating, reviews, downloads.

    The actions you take increase the credibility of the application. The number of installations, advertising views increases - the income brought by the use automatically increases

Earn real money with

The ultimate consumer of your services is program owners. We only collect tasks from different customers on the same platform. So everyone is more comfortable.

Register on the portal - and use the decree for additional earnings on the Internet.

The registration procedure is as simple as possible - you need to specify the mail and come up with a password. To start don't require additional investments or the provision of personal information.

Logged in, you get access to current tasks. Near each is indicated the value in intra-service monetary units.

Lastly, I would like to note that we are always on the side of our performers. Customer service responds quickly to any requests. So your side job on maternity leave will be comfortable and trouble-free.

Welcome - and go!

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