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The modern world exists in two planes, real and virtual. Internet surfing, paging on social networks, watching videos on Youtube, online games and other online entertainment have become an integral part of people's lives.

Staying online can be safely turned into a source of permanent passive income on the Internet.

Do you want to find out the ways how a schoolboy, student or a person restricted in movement to earn money quickly and without any starting investment?

Then this article is for you. We have chosen only the purest and working schemes of earnings in the network.

Passive income on the Interne

Exchange referral links

One of the most well-known methods of passive income is to attract the target audience. Earnings on the resale of visitors can range from 100 to 450 dollars per month.

The only difference from the tangible goods trade is the virtual unit of measurement (bought 1000 transitions for 3 $ - forwarded users to another site, the owner of which pays 30 $, earned 27 $).

A passive income online from placing links on thematic forums and sites allows building financial freedom. You don’t need to have your internet site for this. You can become an intermediary between the advertiser and the final user and get paid for a specific action (Cost Per Action), or just for clicks.

Earnings on hobbies

Computer games have long gone beyond pure entertainment. Today, they can receive a consistently high passive income from scratch without investing any money. It's enough to start to become one of the test participants.

Developers pay for the search for vulnerabilities, bugs, and flaws in the basic version or exciting ideas for the development of the project, but for this, you need to be well versed in the features of the game mechanics.

It is much easier to enjoy the gameplay, and at the same time earn decent money. Inside online games, many players are willing to pay for help in collecting artifacts with real currency, buy an account with a high-level character, or provide other services.

A great alternative of a pure passive income is to perform simple tasks. There are many services in which you need to register from the phone on the site, install a specific application, launch it and take targeted action.

Thereby, you can earn not only on online games but also on the sale of coupons or promotional codes from a chain of restaurants, sales in online stores, as well as other well-known companies offering discounts on their products.

Talented people who know how to create a unique product (embroidery from paintings, jewelry, toys, souvenirs, cosmetic soap, and other hand-made things) can earn money by displaying their products on thematic sites — just register and post goods with photos.

Due to the limitations of services on the number of free ads, you will not earn much money, but you can turn your passion into a source of passive income without leaving your home, increase your self-esteem and get motivated to develop creative potential. Perhaps in the future, it will become a full-fledged business.

passive income options

Vigorous activity on certain sites

Site owners make a profit due to the high attendance of the resource. However, to break out in the TOP, the Internet platform must be exciting for the target audience. Search engines take into account not only the number of visitors who have visited but also the activity of users on the site.

One of the passive income options is to help in collecting a database, filling out questionnaires, writing short posts, product reviews or news comments. Most often, such services have ordered by marketers of online stores, manufacturers of consumer goods and structures engaged in polls.

Companies are willing to pay good money for studying the demand and needs of real buyers.

Selling someone else's services and recommendations

The undoubted plus of working on the Internet is the ability to use someone else's work for their purposes.

To earn good commissions, enough to become a partner of a store or a specialized specialist (lawyer, designer, repair technician, etc.), sell goods and services from your website or place advertisements on social networks and other Internet resources.

Dropshipping is one of the exciting options for how to create a passive income system. In this case, you don’t need to rent a warehouse and invest personal funds in the purchase of goods. It is enough to create a virtual platform with a mini-copy of the catalog of another store.

Prices were the same as that of a partner or with a small surcharge. When a real customer creates an application, you have to transfer the order to the partner site manager and get a commission for the sale.

At the same time, there is no need to serve the client and deal with organizational issues (payment, transfer of goods to the final buyer). Consultants of the partner shop perform all operations.


Another type of passive income is selling information. To do this, choose a specific topic in which you will feel confident, explore a niche, and share useful tips on a social network or your blog with your target audience. The main thing - to cause the loyalty of potential consumers of the product and interest them.

A person subscribes to your page, after which mailings come to his mail with the notification of the arrival of a new information product on the market or writing an interesting post. It can be webinars, books on professional topics, training, courses or affiliate links.

People are interested in ways to lose weight quickly, overcome shyness, stop smoking, find and keep a loved one, and much more.

For a start, you can sign up on Twitter and write short tweets. The more retweets to write, the more money you can earn. It is noteworthy that readers are most interested in open people, who are ready to share their personal experiences and experiences with the public.

A good income you can get by registration on closed thematic services, where you can sell music, books or other intellectual property. Once you put useful content online, you can get good money for a long time.

A good income

Promotion of your commercials

Video production is in high demand on the Internet. For passive income, you can shoot exciting videos for the target audience using a regular smartphone. The main thing isn’t the information content of the video, but the method of presentation.

The most significant demand is for videos where ordinary users share their impressions of traveling, acquiring new products, achievements in games, reviews of a particular product or the next blockbuster.

To have a passive income, you can register on one of the exchanges of video content. If your videos will be exciting to subscribers, Google and other services will offer you to connect paid advertising or will pay $ 5 for every thousand views. Money can also go to the electronic wallet specified under the video.

Renting a hard drive online

If you have unlimited Internet and a volume drive, you can take part in the free space on your hard drive using the Blockchain technology. Some companies create a distribution network peer-to-peer network with cloud file synchronization services.

Owners of an idle resource can get paid for storing information and transferring data to users in a chain. To obtain real passive income, you need to become a partner of the company and provide it with permanent remote access to your hard disk or its part.

Do I need to invest?

Passive income on the Internet is possible without investment. However, sometimes it is easier to spend a little money to speed up the process of making a profit. For the successful promotion of products or services, it is desirable to create an account and a group on the social network, and daily increase the number of subscribers.

However, social network administrators limit the ability to send invitations above the set limit, so it’s easier to invest a relatively small amount in recruiting enough group members quickly.

The more target audience you can attract, the higher the chances of making a profit shortly. The promoter group will become a source of stable income due to the possibility of using it as an advertising platform for other communities.

These are not all passive income ideas. Some people earn good money by buying low-cost sites, complementing the content and promoting the site in the TOP for its subsequent sale.

While the owner owns the Internet resource, they earn money on it by selling ad units, affiliate links and exposing the best-selling videos.

Online part-time work is an excellent opportunity to combine business with pleasure and at the same time receive stable money without investments. To earn without start-up capital, you need to take the initiative and not to be afraid of failures.

The easiest way to consistently receive passive income for those who haven’t yet decided on their niche hasn’t reached the age when it can work, or doesn’t have the physical ability to leave the apartment limits, register on the mobile earnings market and start earning easy money for simple tasks with a start!

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