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You can earn your first money on the World Wide Web. Types of fraud in the Internet, as an obstacle, have stopped many people on the path to success, firmly convincing that there are only scammers in the global network and there is nothing honest.

But, having puzzled out the main types of existing swindle, you can start making money safely, with proven employers and services, by proven means.

Types of various frauds in the Internet arose at the very beginning of the computerization of our country. There are so many variants of them that it is not always possible to show up the fraud at first sight.

Attackers create sites that steal information. Often, they are filled with content about work or fabulous incomes without loads, to attract more attention and dissemination.

They are designed for inexperienced users who don’t understand anything in computers. There are many ways to scam in the Internet. This one is considered the most popular.

Such a site with a virus is capable of stealing confidential data for entering social networks, translation systems. Beginning freelancers, as well as inexperienced users, always save their passwords in browsers, and virus authors take advantage of it.

Malicious code as a way to cheat honest citizens

No less popular methods of fraud in the Internet are malicious programs. And here we are not talking about simple viruses that an antivirus solution installed on your personal computer can find.

To prevent antivirus protection from detecting the signature (code) of a malicious program, cybercriminals disguise it using a special cryptor program (defender).

The damage done and the ultimate goals depend only on the case and the malicious task. Payment data is being stolen from the accounts in which you work.

However, if antivirus protection can skip this, then what should we do? Security solution can be provided by special online virus scan services that minimize the need to download files to your computer’s hard drive.

They filter most of malware that the antivirus might miss.

signs of online fraud

About the Internet fraud that started it all

When users just tried to earn money, they looked for ways – there were “magic” wallets. This type of fraud and deception in the Internet engendered long ago.

Today there are many of its varieties, since the main “history” has become outdated. The bottom line was to find account numbers in popular payment systems that returned 2 times more money than they sent.

Disseminating information, using the computer illiteracy of most people, scammers received a lot of money from honest and respectable citizens.

It was said that these wallets were invented for employees who receive a salary through them, they are secret, they were got very difficultly.

Often a scheme how to proceed was attached: a newcomer sent some funds to such a wallet, and he returned 2 times more. And then ordinary human greed worked.

Sending already a large amount, a man expected that he would receive doubled, but nothing came. The last of the variations of this scam is about the US tax return law.

types of online fraud

How to protect yourself from online fraud

Unscrupulous employers who profit from remote contractors. Any services can be sold, you just need to find a good customer. Today there are sites for designers, copywriters, developers. But everything needs learning, spending time, effort and money.

Freelancers often encounter this when working with private persons, when the contractor sent a work and did not receive payment.

There are 2 options:

  1. Work through exchanges, or demand from the customers to pay in advance if you already have a portfolio.
  2. Do not click on suspicious links or download unidentified files to your computer. Remember the antivirus protection that must be installed, since only experienced computer owners can do without it.

    And most importantly, remember that antiviruses do not always protect against such threats.

Knowing how to deal with popular fraud in the Internet, you can understand that our service is safe and most relevant.

We are chosen because we:

    • provide a safe working opportunity without requiring special attention;
    • do not require deep computer knowledge;
    • pay earned

After registering, you need to install a game or an application on the gadget.

Complete the task indicated right here. Bonuses will be credited to the internal account, which you will exchange for real money by withdrawing them into an electronic wallet.

This is an easy additional income in the Internet, which many have chosen. Not requiring investments and skills.

You can talk for a long time about how to protect yourself from online fraud. Do you want to earn without risk and investment? Register at https://earningcash.org/ and get your first money today.

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